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Eligibility for Admission to the Course and Examination:
A candidate shall be eligible for admission to the course leading to the Degree of Master of Education provided: He/She has passed a Degree Examination in Education of this University or a Degree Examination in Education or Teaching of some other university recognized by the Syndicate as equivalent thereto, with a minimum of 50% marks (both theory and practical’s.
Reservation of sears and other concession for the SC., ST., MBC., BC., and other special categories of candidates notified by the Government of Tamil Nadu may be provided in accordance with the statutory provisions of the Government of Tamil Nadu in force from time to time. The basis of selection shall be based on the existing regulations of the university / Government of Tamil Nadu.
a. No candidate shall be admitted to the Examination unless he/she has taken the qualifying Degree in Education.
b. No candidate shall be eligible for the Degree of M.Ed unless he/she has     completed the prescribed course of study and has passed the qualifying     examination and has satisfied the Examiners in a thesis or an approved     subject.
The Course of study shall be for a duration of one academic year consisting of 180 working days.
Course of Study
Common Subjects
  1. Education in the International Context.
  2. Advanced Educational Psychology.
  3. Research Methodology and Educational Statistics.
Candidate can choose two optional one from subjects under Group 1 and other from the subjects under Group II.
Optional - Group I
(Educational Levels)
  1. Pre-Primary and Primary Education
  2. Secondary and Higher Secondary Education
  3. Higher Education
  4. Teacher Education
  5. Vocational and Occupational Education
  6. Non-formal Education
  7. Education for the Gifted
  8. Special Education for the Mentally Challenged.
Optional - Group II
(Technical Specialities)
  1. Curriculum Development.
  2. Text Book Writing.
  3. Guidance and Counselling.
  4. Educational Management Techniques.
Candidates shall be required to submit a thesis. The thesis shall embody the record of original investigation. The thesis shall be prepared under the supervision of a faculty member.
Candidates pursuing the course may submit their thesis one month before their theory examination.
The maximum limit for submission of thesis will be three years from the date of joining the course as in the case of all the P.G. Courses.
Distribution of Credits
A minimum of 36 credits are to be earned for qualifying for the M.Ed degree. Each core paper will carry 6 credits and each elective 5 credits. The credits for dissertation will be 6 and viva voce there on 2 credits.
Scheme of Examination
The subjects and the schemes of examination will be follows:-
Core/Optional Subjects
Examination Marks
Core paper-I Education in the International Context 3hrs 100 6
Core Paper-II Advanced Educational Psychology 3hrs 100 6
Core Paper – III Research Methodology and Educational Statistics 3hrs 100 6
Optional – I (From Group – I) 3hrs 100 5
Optional – II (From Group – II) 3hrs 100 5
Thesis     150 6
Viva Voce     50 2
Total     700 36
II. The Question Paper designed for 3 hours will be in Part I and Part II with the number of questions and allotment of marks as detailed below:
Part I
8 out of 12 questions to be answered in a page each
5 x 8 = 40
Part II
Three Essays (with internal choice)
20 x 3 = 60
Valuation of subject papers and Thesis
a. If the two valuations are above the passing minimum, and their discrepancy is not more than 10 percent, the average of the two valuations will be the final marks.
b. If the two valuations are above the passing minimum, and their discrepancy is more than 10 percent, the third valuation (which should not be less than the passing minimum) will be the final marks.
c. When one of the two valuations is below the passing minimum (regardless of the discrepancy between the two valuations), the third valuations will be the final marks.
d. When both the valuation are below the passing minimum (regardless of the discrepancy between the two valuations), the average of the two valuations will be the final marks.
The college shall arrange for a viva voce for the candidate with the Supervisor and an External examiner appointed by the University from the panel of Five examiners recommended by the Principal of that college in consultation with all supervisors, before the submission of thesis. The marks secured by the candidate in the viva voce shall be forwarded to the University along with the thesis.
Marks qualifying for a pass
The minimum marks required for a pass in a subject paper or in the valuation of the Thesis shall be 50 percent. Candidates who fail to pass in any paper or papers shall have to appear for that paper or those papers. Candidates who secure 60% and above in the aggregate shall be declared to have passed in FIRST CLASS and those who obtain between 50% and 59% shall be placed in the Second Class. Candidates who do not pass all the papers in the first attempt shall be declared to have passed in the second class irrespective of the marks they secure.
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